Weddings and coronavirus

July 14, 2020

As I don’t have a lot to blog about these days due to Covid-19 cancelling all of my wedding photography jobs I thought I’d do a little blog on weddings and Coronavirus. In March, I found it quite overwhelming, not knowing what was going to happen or when we would be back. I always value health over wealth and I am very grateful to my couples who have gone out of their way to change to dates I can do. I also cannot thank them enough for being ace people, I have had brides checking in on me and checking my little business is okay. What amazing people hey!

Due to changes in the government guidelines, I thought I’d do another blog regarding corona virus (you can read my first one here). 

I have currently moved 25 out of 32 weddings in 2020 and have only photographed one! Sad face. Still happy to postpone weddings until 2021/22 should my current bookings have to move.

Within the wedding industry, there is constant conversation regarding when weddings will be back and how they will change going forward. The new current guidelines which include things like max 30 people, no reception, Dad can’t walk his daughter down the aisle unless they live together have massively changed weddings. I don’t think these rules will be around forever and I hope within a few months (if not sooner) they are slightly relaxed. 

I obviously don’t know when weddings how we knew them, will be back. At the beginning of lockdown I thought September. Now I am not expecting anything, I take things at a few weeks at a time and change things accordingly. 

I keep thinking how weddings could change in the future and I really don’t think weddings will return until safe. 

What parts of the day will change?

I may have to change the way I photograph groups. Depending on group sizes and social distancing measures. Currently I wouldn’t be able to touch items that aren’t mine which would change the way I photograph details like the dress and shoes. I am hoping these things change by the time we’re back! I would expect more suppliers and people in the venues to wear masks and more hand washing and sanitising encouraged. 

These are changing things, I can’t see weddings being back properly until there is little to none social distancing. There’s too many hugs, kisses, dancing and closeness at a wedding and I totally understand people want the wedding they envisioned. However, like everything there will be a new normal (hate that term), which includes weddings. So I do think some aspects will be here to stay and your wedding will be just as amazing as it would before covid!

I totally understand the new rules and how they differ from going on a packed flight etc. No-one really wants to wear a mask at a wedding and the fact everyone is very tactile at a wedding which could cause problems. I do however think there could be rules to help wedding venues so they could have a small meal after their ceremony for the people who a wedding that way.

I will continue to post as things change on my blog and instagram . One day we’ll be back!


Love my dress wedding blog, have wrote a great blog regarding the current situation in the wedding industry for both couples and suppliers. It’s a good read, have a look here. We need some clarity on weddings and when they will start again.. because right now, we just don’t know.