Dried flowers for 2020

July 7, 2020

A big trend for 2020 is dried flowers. Having spent the last few months not working, it was lovely to have my first job back at my friends florist. Emily Robbins has always had the most beautiful shop, but during lockdown she completely updated and restyled her gorgeous shop in Burbage.

I have been a dried flower fan for a while now (you’ve probably seen on my Instagram) and it seems to be a big trend for 2020. If summer 2020 weddings had have happened, I think dried flowers would have been popular! Especially pampas grass! 

Her shop is full of plants and dried flowers, so if you want to add some stunning items to your home you should take a visit. I love the fact that dried flowers last forever, whilst I am a big flower fan (peonies!) I am always sad that they don’t last long. Which is why my apartment is full of dried bouquets!

Emily also makes the most amazing wedding bouquets and wedding flowers. She is so passionate about flowers and she absolutely knows her stuff! Last year we were fortunate to work on a photo shoot together where she made the most gorgeous centrepieces. I can’t wait until weddings begin again (or we can do photoshoots) so we can work together again!

For now, I will fill my apartment with the beautiful flowers that fill her shop. Here are some photographs below..