Why I like smaller weddings

July 27, 2020

Due to the current situation, the wedding industry has been massively effected. See my blog on it here. The rules are ever changing.. the current guidelines say 30 in a ceremony and 30 for a sit down meal afterwards (from August 1st). You can read the full rules here.

I have had a lot of people move their wedding dates. Due to being in lockdown or just not having the wedding they dreamed of. I am also getting a few people requiring wedding photography for their ceremony only as they just want to get married and have a smaller wedding with their nearest and dearest.

I have been to weddings with 10 and I have been to weddings with over 150. They’re both equally lovely in their own way, but today we’re concentrating on those smaller ones. I actually really love a small wedding and should I get married, that’s what I’d have.

There are a lot of reasons I like a smaller weddings. 

Destination weddings – it’s no secret I love a wedding abroad. They tend to have less people due to travelling to the destination. I have always liked that about weddings in other countries, so why can’t we do this theme here? Having the most important people to you there.

I also love smaller weddings as I feel people have more opportunity to chat to all of their guests. They can spend more time with their family and friends without rushing about trying to spend time with a massive guest list. They feel more intimate, everyone gets to chat and they definitely have a laid back feel.

I still think you can have a beautiful wedding with a smaller guest list. You can still have a pretty table with gorgeous flowers and you can still have a cake. There’s still so much opportunity to have a stunning day.

I know a lot of things have changed and there’s a big different between smaller weddings before Covid-19 and weddings now (for the time being). I totally understand why people don’t want to get married under the current regulations, but I also understand why people do.