Autumn and winter weddings

May 19, 2020

Sharing some autumn and winter wedding inspiration today! Due to Covid-19 lot’s of my couples have now had to move their spring/summer weddings to autumn/winter.

I have a mix of couples, some of the earlier couples who moved, moved later in 2020. There are also some who have moved to 2021. A fair few have got similar dates to their original, however a lot are having to now deal with a totally new season which could mean a new wedding theme.

There are plus points for weddings in every season. My main plus points for autumn and winter weddings are that they are cosy and everyone will be inside more for your evening reception. In the summer, rightly so, guests very often enjoy the warm balmy evenings before going in to dance. However, in the cooler months, guests spend more time inside and therefor the evening reception and dancing!

In my opinion it’s perfectly okay to have ‘spring’ colours at a winter wedding. Blush pinks, pastels, yellows etc can fit perfectly well at a winter wedding as it can a summer. Years ago when I first started working as a wedding photographer, I found a massive trend of reds and darker colours in the winter and near Christmas time. But over the years I’ve found couples are branching out.

Whilst you can keep your intended spring wedding exactly the same in the winter, there may be some tiny things you’d like to change. Below are some examples of colours, dresses, favours, decor that I have seen over the years at autumn and winter weddings. I hope it gives you a little inspiration!