Long sleeved wedding dresses

May 15, 2020

When it comes to wedding dresses, a huge favourite of mine is the long sleeved wedding dress. For years I have loved this style. I decided, throughout lockdown, to reminisce over some of the beautiful weddings I have photographed over the years and focus on the different things I love about them.

There are so many other styles of wedding dresses that  I also love, but over the years I noticed a bigger love of the long sleeved wedding dress. A long sleeved dress has always been my go to, maybe that’s why I was so drawn to them. Should I get married, I have always imagined having a long sleeve dress (I’m even partial to a shirt dress) but until then.. I absolutely love photographing them.

Over the many years I have been photographing weddings, I have seen many styles of long sleeved wedding dresses. From plain to lace, they’re all so pretty and classy. They’re perfect for a cosy winter wedding in the United Kingdom or a warm destination wedding in the south of Italy

Below you’ll find some of beautiful weddings I have photographed over the years featuring the long sleeved wedding dress.


Saldana Vintage


TDR Bridal

Mabel and Maud

Coco & Kate

The first photograph is of a beautiful Saldana Vintage wedding dress from a destination wedding I photographed in Ostuni, Italy. Even though it was a warm day, the low back was perfect for a destination wedding and it even had a removable skirt which was great!

The second and third dress is from a gorgeous wedding at Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire. I love the lace on this dress, so pretty! Again, this wasn’t a winter wedding, so long sleeved wedding dresses are perfect for all year! Forth and firth were winter weddings.