Are designer wedding shoes worth it?

October 26, 2018

I’ve heard some people say that designer shoes are a waste of money on your wedding day, for reasons such as ‘your dress hides them anyway’, well I think.. if you want to buy your dream designer shoe. Then your wedding day is a pretty good day to do so!

I love a designer shoe at a wedding and I love the way girls faces light up when talking about such brands at Jimmy Choo. I once read that if you’re making an important phone call you should wear a pair of heels to make you feel more confident.. so how I see it is, if you’re wearing your dream shoe on your wedding day, you’re going to feel more confident – and special!

They’re also (usually) a one off. Not many people can buy designer shoes everyday of their life. So to own a paid of beautiful dream shoes on your wedding is a girls dream right?

However, high end designers can be pricey. So if you’re thinking about buying a pair for your wedding.. make sure they don’t hurt and you’ll be able to wear them again. Because that is a waste of money.

I say if you’re into a designer, can afford it and want it – do it! If not, there are tons of fabulous shoes on the high street too!