8 Pretty Bridal Earrings to Wear on Your Wedding Day

October 24, 2018

At a loss for what earrings to wear on your big day? The task sounds simple enough, but you have to consider your dress, hairstyle and other factors as you go through each option.

So, how do brides decide? Here are eight pretty bridal earrings to wear on your wedding day with extra guidelines for how to determine if they’re right for you.

1. Go Big and Detailed

Flip through bridal magazines, and you’ll see how bridal designers accessorise the models with statement earrings. It won’t overwhelm your look, especially if you decide to wear your hair down. If you choose to wear statement earrings, select simpler accessories to complement them.

2. Complement Your Other Jewellery

Don’t let your jewellery compete for attention. Know what your heart is set on in advance. Wear a larger earring like a chandelier earring if you don’t wear a necklace. These types of earrings are a statement version of a simple dangling earring, often enhanced with crystals, pearls or gemstones.

3. Match Your Earrings to Your Face Shape

Match your earrings to your face shape to find the best fit. For round faces, dangle or long drop earrings elongate and slim the face. For square faces, soften your jawline by selecting medium to long earrings with rounded edges, avoiding angular styles. Oval faces work well with most options, but studs show off the cheekbones.

4. Match Your Earrings to Dress Colour

You’ve probably heard about the importance of matching your earrings to your neckline, such as something simple for a sweetheart cut. But what about dress colour?

Some shade variations of dress colours clash with metallics, so from bright white to ecru, you need to pay attention to your dress colour when choosing your earrings. Bright white proves to be the most difficult shade for brides to wear, and platinum and pearl work best with this colour. Champagne white washes you out less and looks good with any metal, but many brides choose the trending rose gold to match. Meanwhile, ivory whites vary in colour, so pay attention to those undertones. For ecru, pick white or yellow gold.

5. Short Hair Displays All Earring Types

Short hairstyles that show the neckline and earlobes allow brides to wear any type of earring. Rubies, sapphires and diamonds dangle, and metallic strand earrings touch the neck without disappearing into the hair. So, whether you prefer studs or statement earrings, you can wear either of them. Use your dress, hairstyle and other look attributes to inspire your earrings.

6. Longer Hair Means Larger Earrings

Larger and longer earrings stand out more between strands of hair, so go ahead and wear a heavier set to show them off. For smaller earrings, style your hair to show them off.

What about a drop earring? An ornament or gemstone dangles from a hoop or chain, and the length also varies from short to extravagant. They are commonly called dangle earrings, pendant earrings or droplet earrings. They may also become chandelier earrings that branch into multi-level pendants. These are exquisite choices for emphasising details of your dress.

Dangle earrings come in various lengths from a centimetre to brushing the shoulders. Imagine an off-the-shoulder dress with a sweetheart cut. Dangle earrings that brush the shoulders would look fabulous. 

7. Match Hair to Gems and Metals

Faceted diamonds and metallic earrings of platinum or gold look good with every hair colour. Blonds should avoid wash-out whites and choose colours such as ruby-accented earrings. Show off highlights in brunette hair with orange-toned gemstones, playing up pastels and whites. Redheads should choose cool colours such as green, blue, turquoise or purple.

8. The Verdict on Hoops

Should you wear hoops on your wedding day? Hoops do not suit round faces, but angular or oval faces can wear them well. Hoops give dimension to long hair and long faces.

Are you set on pulling off hoops? Shake up the shape by choosing an atypical style, such as a minimalist elongated hoop with an edge or another design.

Small hoops move with you, and you can wear small metal hoops with diamonds or other small gems set into them. Many women feel concerned about wearing larger hoops because there’s always a chance they may get caught on something. Weigh the risk for yourself. 

Hoops can help accent features of your dress if it has a curvilinear shape as a part of its structure. That also goes for pinned up ringlets in your hairstyle. 

Choosing earrings for your wedding sounds like a simple style choice, but on top of all the other wedding details, the decision adds stress to your plate. These eight earring styles and tips can help make the choice easier and ensure you look nothing short of fabulous on your big day.


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