photography and photoshop lessons

Covid has given me the opportunity to try some other things. First being some photography and photoshop lessons!

I have been asked a few times about teaching photography but I never really had the time. So now, thanks to Covid - I do!

I am focusing (sorry for the pun) on teaching some basics via Zoom, then a practical lesson (when we can!). I want to go over manual settings and how a camera works.

Then once it's safe to do so, can go out with the cameras and learn some more in person. Also gaining the opportunity to ask as many questions regarding photography and tips!

contact for more info

photoshop skills

learn how to...

remove spots and blemishes

make eyes sparkle

remove under eye bags and dark circles

use liquify (changing the shape of an arm for example)

removing things out of the background

colour correction


adding text to photographs

Need Help with Photoshop?

I can help!