How to help small businesses on Instagram

My business relies heavily on social media. It's the way I promote my work and Instagram, being an image focused app is one of the most effective places where I promote myself.

Since the pandemic started and my work disappeared, I found I needed to find a year (plus) of work to use as promotion.

It's pretty hard trying to find and create new content, new captions without repetition. So I apologise if my socials are like this.

There are some extra ways you can help your wedding suppliers and small business friends

Supporting small businesses



Like/comment on their posts

Tag a friend

By liking and commenting of your favourite small businesses you are helping their reach.. therefor getting more people to see their work. Having more people seeing your work, hopefully results in bookings/sales etc!

Tagging a friend who could possibly be interested in using or buying something from a small business is a massive help. They might not have known about that business and by tagging a friend really does help us out.

Share the love!

Saving posts



Sharing posts helps SO MUCH. You are opening their posts to be seen by a new audience. Sharing their posts on your stories with a link back really does help.

Instagram introduced this feature years ago as a way to save your favourite images. Having your posts 'saved' helps to grow your account. Instagram is testing 'no likes', switching the focus to how many comments and how many 'saves' a post get.