Ways to support wedding businesses in 2020

October 3, 2020

What a weird year, so I thought I’d blog some ways to support wedding businesses in 2020.

It’s been a strange time, for so many reasons. Covid is effecting so many people lives. Having lots of friends in the wedding industry, I feel for how hard it’s been hit and how unknown the future is. Whilst some weddings are going ahead under, business is massively down for the wedding industry. 

I like to remain positive, but I am also pro ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. It’s tough. 

I feel for my couples postponing for the second or third time, for my friends who have had no financial help. For the little businesses we built from nothing and the complete unknown future. 

There are plenty of ways to support wedding businesses without actually getting married. Love My Dress have been pushing #whataboutweddings and ways of helping business. So I just wanted to emphasise some of their points and add a few of my own <3

Book with them or buy a gift voucher.

Helping them out with a little bit of a salary will go along way and help to keep them in business. If you can book with them for something they can do now, book an online class, buy a voucher so after this you can use their services.. anything will help.

Photographers – Book a family photoshoot or buy a voucher to give as a gift. 

Make up artists – Book a make up class.

Florists – Buy a Christmas wreath from a local florist or do a Christmas wreath making class. If you like flowers, buy local.

Cake – Buy a Birthday or Christmas cake from a local business.

Venues – If they’re running events or  opening pop up restaurants, book a table.

Magicians – Buy a ticket for a zoom show – Like this one!

If you need any recommendations to help anyone, please let me know <3

Like, share, comment on their social media.

Even if you can’t afford to spend money, support on social media costs nothing. A like or comment on their posts will go along way. Helping to get them seen is extremely helpful.

Leave them a review on google/facebook.

Leaving a review on google (mine) or Facebook massively helps for them to get seen. Shout about your favourite wedding suppliers. 

Tell your friends about them.

Sharing a post and telling your friends about them will also massively help. If you can spread the word of how fabulous your wedding business friends are and let your other friends know who may potentially book them.

SO many people have been massively supportive of me and my business during these times and I cannot thank them enough! Support your small business friends, it really does mean the world.

Ask them if they’re okay

After losing what is essentially a years salary, a lot of my wedding industry friends are suffering the effects and also feeling a bit ‘meh’. We will eventually get through this but there are times when we just feel a bit sad seeing out little businesses lose so much work.