Headshots in Coventry and Warwickshire

October 12, 2020

Years ago, I started doing some headshots in Coventry and Warwickshire. I was fortunate to travel to London to photograph actors on Eastenders and Holyoaks. Wedding photography took over and slowly headshots faded out.

However, due to Corona I decided to branch back out and do some other things. Weddings will be back but in the meantime I am offering some family photoshoots and headshots.

I purchased a portable backdrop and a ring light, as we’re hitting winter thought it would be good to be able to be indoors.

I always did my my friend Holly Matthews headshots (who was in lots of things on TV) and this weekend I got to do some more! 

First one is of me, last two are Holly.

If you need any actor or business headshots in Coventry & Warwickshire (or anywhere in the UK!) contact me at contact@kayleighpope.co.uk for more info