Trending Now: Rattan and Woven Wedding Decor

June 17, 2020

As you look through wedding decor inspiration online and in bridal magazines, you may find the same ideas repeated in different ways. Brides love to drape chiffon over their archways and decorate their reception in the same seasonal colour palettes. If you want something unique that adds a touch of earthy materials to your wedding, you should try rattan and woven decor ideas.

Brides who want a laid-back ceremony that has a bohemian vibe will love woven and rattan elements. They’re boho-chic and add an unexpected natural aesthetic that looks as great in pictures as it does in person. They also work with most venues, like rustic mountain getaways or beachfront altars.

Check out some rattan and woven wedding decor ideas that are trending right now with brides around the world. You may find that it’s the decor element you’ve been missing that will pull together all the smaller dreamy details you’ve planned for your wedding day.

1. Use Woven Accessories

Woven accessories are the perfect way to introduce your guests to your wedding theme. When you send your boxed invitations, include a woven fan for each guest, like a buri fan. This is especially useful for guests who can bring them to venues where they’ll need to stay cool, like outdoor ceremonies in the summer.

You can also use woven gift bags to welcome your guests as they arrive to their hotels. Put a few goodies in bags for everyone to take home after your reception. There are plenty of ways to use this natural element during your big day, depending on your budget and how big you want to go.

2. Line Your Aisle

When you imagine walking down the aisle, do you picture how it will look? Many brides want to line their aisle with something decorative, like a runner or collection of mats. You can do the same with jute mats or a burlap runner, which adds a touch of natural woven elements to your ceremony area.

3. Find Table Accents

Rattan and woven table accents are also making a splash as the next big wedding trend. You can use this style in the form of woven placemats, rattan lanterns or even woven coasters. It all depends on how you want your reception to look and where it will take place. Make a subtle statement with intricately woven chargers or go big and make this texture the focal point of every table.

4. Remember Outdoor Furniture

This trend is also perfect for brides who want to host their big day outdoors. Woven and rattan furniture looks great alongside wicker furniture, which you can find at most stores. Wicker especially works well in outdoor settings if you take care of it properly with steps like power washing it the day before your ceremony and covering it from the sun when the furniture isn’t in use.

5. Check Flea Markets

Another great aspect of the rattan and woven wedding decor trend is that they’re both materials that have been around for decades. You can almost always find things like placemats and accessories at flea markets and yard sales. They’ll add a vintage look to your wedding and will likely be the most budget-friendly purchase you make.

6. Bring Everything Home

After the sun sets on your wedding day, you’ll have to remember what you rented and what you own. If you buy all of your woven decor, you can bring it all home and use it as your decor or furniture. It’s equally trendy as a way to decorate your living space during the spring and summer months.

See What You Like

Spend the weeks and months before your wedding browsing through different rattan and woven wedding decor. See what you like and what you don’t like so you know what would help make your wedding even more perfect as trendy accent pieces or furniture in your ceremony or reception.