Wedding photography photoshop lessons

photography lessons

Can you only use your camera in auto mode? Wedding photography photoshop lessons

My one to one photography lessons, teach you how to use your camera in manual mode with the settings explained.

Tips and tricks to create the photographs you want to take. From your family to fireworks.

Includes a practical photography lesson, working with your camera and learning as you go!


how to use your camera in manual mode

camera settings explained

tips + tricks

practical lesson


photoshop lessons

One to one lessons teaching specific skills in Adobe Photoshop.

Learn how to take your photographs to the next level using photo editing software.

You pick a selection of skills you want to learn in your lesson and I will teach you via zoom.

No matter the skill level, you can learn basic photo editing skills

skills to learn;

colour correction

changing light

removing dark circles from eyes

removing spots/blemishes

removing items from the background

Adjusting facial features

sparkly eyes

... and more


Wedding photography + photoshop lessons