June 8, 2020

Some beautiful wedding inspiration today, with the colour sage green. I have never been a fan on neon green… you know like the bright green on grass in the sunshine? I tend to make it a little less harsh in photoshop.

However, I really love the colour sage. There’s a massive spectrum of sage green colours, as I have just googled! So the choices of colour palette are huge. I like it because it’s still a soft, maybe pastel colour. But it’s not as popular (in my opinion) as the blush pinks and paler pastel colours I usually see when photographing weddings. I also think it looks beautiful against a white/cream wedding dress and works great with a pop of white on a bouquet. Sage also goes great with other colours, like the pinks you’ll see below. 

When looking for wedding inspiration sage green on websites like Pinterest, there are lots of beautiful examples. I’ve found it goes perfect with copper accessories and even gold. There’s so many colours that work with it and it’s becoming a colour I love to photograph at weddings!

Check out some ideas below!