A few ways to help local businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic

March 30, 2020

A lot of business owners I know in the wedding industry, get the majority of their wage from weddings. So during these horrible times, when everyone is out of work there are still a few ways you can support local businesses!

Like their posts

A lot of people, like me, aren’t sure when they are going to work again. But we need to keep updating social media with work to show we’re still in business. We may be using photographs we’ve used before, or saying things we’ve said before… but it massively helps if you give the post a like :)


If a business has been helpful during these terrible times, leave a review on their Facebook page or Google (or anywhere where you can review).


A shoutout goes a long way. A Facebook status, Tweet, Instagram story or tag supporting your favourite local businesses really helps. The more people who know about the business the better!


It’s hard watching the business you have built from nothing go quiet for a while. It’s scary and uncertain. A little ‘how are you doing?” goes such a long way and shows you care about their little baby.