Things to do in Geneva, Switzerland

March 5, 2020

Geneva, a gorgeous city around Lake Geneva (funny that) in Switzerland but very close to the French border. It’s a very picturesque city with the Alps as a backdrop.

Firstly, I will say that it’s pretty expensive. I had heard that before I went, but I was pretty shocked at the cost of food (especially meat) and general things in the shops. We found some restaurants with pizzas/pastas from 16 Francs up to 30… However, there were many that were even more.

Enough about the expense, there are other things that make up for it! Hotels give visitors a free travel pass whilst they’re there, giving them free trips on trams, buses and boats. We used this travel pass to get a tram to the United Nations Office (mainly to see the rows of flags).. Unless you’re going in the offices, I didn’t think there was a lot to do in this part of the city. However, I am glad I visited!

I visited with my friend Frances. We booked an Ibis Styles not far from the train station and a short walk to the lake. Considering the prices in Geneva, we were pleasantly surprised that this hotels didn’t cost too much!

Things to do;

We enjoyed lots of walking. Walking around the lake is lovely. It was hot one day we were there and it also snowed. Both weathers were lovely to walk in (but we did need more layers on the snowy days!).

Along the lake there’s a spot called Bains Des Paquis. Swimming baths in the summer and saunas in the winter. There’s also a bar, cafe and stoney beach which is lovely to watch the world go by. Jet d’eau is also something to see whilst taking a walk, a large fountain and one of the City’s famous landmarks.

The old town in Geneva is just beautiful. Lot’s of pretty little streets and a cathedral. Creperie Saint-Pierre, right by the cathedral is a great stop for a crepe! Sweet or savoury!

If you like art, more contemporary art.. then MAMCO is a good visit! Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s a good way to spend a rainy afternoon! We enjoyed ourselves then grabbed a coffee at Birdie food and coffee after.

Another nice walk is to Carouge which took us about 30 minutes from the lake. It has some lovely streets and a cinema. We tried to find ice cream but everywhere was closed.. I can imagine it would be a lovely place to eat ice cream and watch the world go by!

I definitely recommend a trip to Geneva! Hope you enjoyed by tips!

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