What I do after a wedding

February 29, 2020

When I get home from a wedding, the first thing I do is back up all of the photographs to a hard drive. I then put them onto my iMac and make another copy on my old computer. I like to have them in a lot of places for safe keeping.

I also have a sneaky little look through a few. Mainly bridal preparation and the couple portraits. I edit a selection, pop them onto my dropbox and save them to my phone. Sometimes, I upload a detail shot to Instagram (without the bride and groom in) when I get home. I don’t like to upload a photo of the couple when I get back, as I feel they’ll still be partying and I want them to get to see it! The next day I then post a couple photo.

Once all the photographs are back up and I’m ready to edit. I go through every single photo and pick the ones to edit. I take out any generally bad photos, people blinking, duplicates (where nothing has changed in the photo) and then I begin editing.

I tend to edit in blocks. I will focus on bridal preparation, ceremony, couple portraits, bridesmaids/ushers, family photos, candids and dancing. I edit using Photoshop and Lightroom, making the photographs a little brighter, less bright green and beautiful skin tones.

Once they’re edited a saved, I then upload them onto the online gallery. They get sent over to the couple to look through and hopefully share with their loved ones!

I also have a blogging queue.. I try to blog a wedding once a week or once every two. I like that a little bit of time has gone since the wedding when I blog it, then I can go back and have a look through again!

Would you like a little video on how I edit?