8 Wedding Day Tips Your Mother Never Told You About

July 7, 2019

You said yes to the proposal. You picked a date. Now what? If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, it will take some careful planning and preparation. Luckily, many brides have come before, leading the way to an ideal, fairy tale wedding. If you want to latch on to their good fortune, read the eight wedding day tips below your mother never told you about.

1. You and Your Partner Come First

Your wedding celebration is a sacred time to honor the commitment between you and your partner. Too often, friends and family members butt in with well-meaning criticism and advice. When it comes to a big event, suddenly everyone will have an opinion. Take cousin Becky’s quip about the photographer into consideration, but don’t let it dictate your day. You and your partner ultimately have the final say. Don’t be afraid to throw around your veto power when necessary.

2. Don’t Stress About the Guest List

First and foremost, your wedding day is about you and your partner. It’s OK to be selfish about who you invite to share the day with you. Don’t feel pressured to include everyone you know on the guest list — not every acquaintance and family member has to receive a save-the-date. Pick people who show support for your relationship and will bring you joy on your wedding day.

3. Ask for Lots of Samples

It’s perfectly kosher to ask for samples when planning your wedding. From the reception dinner to the cake, most vendors are familiar with the practice of trying a couple of bites before deciding to buy. This is especially important when contracting with a service or business you’ve never dealt with before. Samples let you know what to expect in terms of look and taste on the big day. It also gives you a chance to interact with vendors and get a vibe for their attitude and see if it meshes with your own.

4. Get a Day-of Planner

Planning a wedding all by yourself — or with a couple of trusted friends — can take a lot of time and lead to major stress. Many brides have successfully pulled it off, though. Making sure order is maintained on the day of, however, can be much trickier. As a bride, it’s your job to stand at the altar and say your nuptials. You can’t also be making sure everything is running smoothly. That’s where a day-of planner comes in. This is a person who will keep things organized and on schedule. It’s an economical option that will help you relax and enjoy the big day. 

5. Be Realistic With Your Budget

Weddings can be expensive. It’s understandable to want the most important day of your life to be an event to remember, but unless you wish to pay off credit cards for the next 10 years, it’s important to be open and realistic about your finances. Create a budget for how much you can spend based on what you’ve saved. While you might receive money from guests, this is never a guarantee and should not be factored into your budget. When in doubt, consider cutting frivolous things to save money. 

6. Order Flowers Ahead of Time

When you fork out cash on your bouquets and floral accessories, you want to make sure that they are up to your expectations. When you browse through your wedding-inspiration feed and see gorgeous floral arrangements, you have high expectations for the flowers you’ll have at your very own wedding. What many don’t know about nailing the perfect floral display is that those eye-catching roses, gardenias and peonies need time to bloom. This means you shouldn’t frantically pick flowers at your local floristry the night before your wedding. If you order your flowers and they’re not as perky as you wished for, consider placing them in the sun to ensure they fully open before you walk down the aisle, too. 

7. Solve Big Tasks First

Some parts of wedding planning are easy. Picking out your favorite flowers? Check. Eating some delicious cake samples? Done. Other aspects can cause even the mightiest bride to seize in her steps. Choosing a dress all the bridesmaids will agree on could take hours. Convincing the groom his groomsmen can’t wear jeans is a needless time-waster. The best way to tackle these tasks is head-on, starting with the most daunting first. Once you get the big responsibilities out of the way, the smaller ones won’t be so difficult.

8. Have a Plan For Your Dress 

Your wedding gown is a statement — it tells guests something about who you are. Once the party is over, what do you plan to do? Some brides decide to donate. Others choose to hang on to the keepsake, hoping to pass it along to a loved one. Either way, you’ll want to make room in your budget for after-care. An experienced garment cleaner or wedding preservation kit will make your dress look brand new, removing any dirt or discoloration picked up from brushing the floor. 

Follow These Eight Tips 

Your wedding day is an event to remember. Don’t let stress and the thought of planning every small detail bog you down. Remember, this day is about you and your partner. What’s the point of celebrating if you aren’t having a good time? It’s best to stay realistic — both with your budget and your expectations. 

 Kacey Bradley / Lifestyle Blogger 
 kacey.mya@gmail.com The Drifter Collective