Top venues for a wedding in Puglia

November 11, 2020

Whilst searching for some of the top venues for a wedding in Puglia, I decided to ask local wedding planner Giusy for some of her favourites. Puglia, in the south of Italy is such a stunning location for a wedding. Forming the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’, Puglia is known for it’s whitewashed walls (perfect for weddings) and is on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Driving around Puglia, you will see stunning Masseria’s (farmhouses) and lots of olive trees – perfect location!

I have been fortunate to work in Ostuni, but I am far from being an expert on the area. Wanting to gain more knowledge and find some pretty wedding locations, I decided to ask wedding planner Giusy for a few venues which I could look into. 

Top venues for a wedding in Puglia

Masseria Moroseta

Close to Ostuni, Masseria Moroseta is a modern country house on a ridge looking over the Adriatic Sea. A traditional wedding venue, with the classic Puglia white walls, looks like my perfect wedding venue! A quick google search shows the white painted sandstone walls and limestone floors (this place looks like my dream!!).. it’s the perfect mix of traditional “Pugliese” farmhouse with a modern twist. Masseria Moroseta looks like the most stunning location for an Italian wedding. Please book me for your wedding here! Haha!

Masseria Ayroldi

Another stunning Ostuni wedding venue,  Masseria Ayroldi is perfect wedding location. A farm house with white walls, creamy floors and the traditional olive trees – I imagine weddings here are very beautiful! 

Masseria Le Torri

This venue looks like perfection to me! With the classic white walls and neutral interior, this place would be a stunning Italian wedding venue. I am imagine bright, light and gorgeous photographs at this venue! Renovated back to it’s eighteenth-century splendour, the combination of natural wood and stone, white and cream make this place a dream.

Masseria Le Carrube

I have experience with this venue, having stayed here in 2019. Masseria Le Carrube is stunning. Set in the countryside surrounded by olive trees, this venue is the most relaxing place I have ever stayed. With a completely white backdrop, wedding’s are held in the courtyard – such a stunning location. I love that most venues (pretty much all) are a blank canvas. You don’t really need to add a great deal, they’re perfect without. But can you imagine stunning flowers against the plain white?!

Mazzarelli Resort

Triggianello is home to this stunning hotel. A beautiful boutique hotel with antique interiors, where traditional and modern are combined. Surrounded by a well kept garden and beautiful pool, this place looks amazing. More olive trees line the venue and again, the beautiful white and creamy walls just make this the perfect intimate and elegant venue.