Destination Wedding Trends for 2020

March 10, 2020

Every year, brides plan their future weddings and wonder how they should prepare for their big day. Choices regarding your reception dinner and colour palettes are up to your personal preferences, but you may wonder if what you like will still be popular when your wedding day arrives.

The best way to know what to pick for your big day is to look to major trends. Destination brides have some great trendy options coming up that you should think about before you spend another dime. These trends will change the way you picture your wedding and inspire you to plan everything else.

Check out these destination wedding trends for 2020 that you’re sure to love. They’re easy to adapt to any theme or season, as well as any budget. See if any of them catch your eye and make your heart skip down the aisle. 

1. Use Oversized Floral Decor

There should always be a focal point to draw the eye at any wedding. Some brides prefer this to be their cake, while others want their altar to stand out. No matter what you prefer, you should think about using oversized floral decor.

Flowers and greenery fit in with any kind of wedding, so go big. Order a custom-made archway covered in your favourite flowers. Drape garlands along entire tables or walls. Find a photo backdrop made entirely of vines, flowers or other kinds of greenery. They’re gorgeous and welcoming ways to use greenery in new ways at your wedding. 

2. Travel Back in Time

Another new bridal trend is to discover your genetic heritage and get married where your ancestors lived. As long as you get a test kit from an accurate and reputable company, you could travel back in time for your wedding. Many people make the journey to countries like Scotland, Kenya and Germany. It’s an exciting way to pay respect to your newfound ancestors and see a different part of the world at the same time.

3. Look Into Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular way to decorate a venue for both destination and regional brides. It’s hard to decide how you’ll decorate your ceremony and reception areas when you can’t drive over for a visit, which limits what you can use for decor.

The good news is that fairy lights are easy to find in most places and cover lots of space. They’ll fill a venue with warmth and add character that doesn’t take away from your focal points. Another bonus — you can hang them indoors and outdoors, so they’ll save the day if you need decor for any space.

4. Invest in a Timeshare

It’s hard for some brides to justify the rising costs of renting a venue for just one day. They wish they could get more time for their money, so consider investing in a timeshare at a popular wedding resort. You’ll get a week or longer at the venue space, and you can always come back in the future. In 2019, the timeshare industry made over $10 billion. See which resorts you can invest in and what kind of venue space they have for your wedding to find the right choice.

5. Book an Extended Weekend

You may already have a destination venue in mind and wonder how long you should be there. You have to consider when you’ll fly in, along how many days you need to prepare and clean up after the wedding. The best thing you can do is book an extended weekend so you don’t feel rushed. Get there early, relax and enjoy every moment of your big day. This is a popular trend because brides want to get away for a reason. Make your wedding an extended celebration to get the most from your time away from home.

Consider Your Interests

Once you’ve read about destination wedding trends for 2020, consider your interests and see which trends you prefer. You’ll find the right inspiration for your ceremony, whether you select a timeshare or custom order a floral backdrop. Take your time, and the decisions you need to make for your wedding will fall into place.