Why you should have wedding insurance

March 8, 2020

With Coronavirus all over the press, I thought it was a good idea to emphasise why you should have wedding insurance. Not just because of Coronavirus, but I think it bought it to the forefront.

A lot is spent on weddings, the average being £30,000. So if you could possibly be out of pocket should something bad happen.. then you should get wedding insurance.

I would 100% say to research what your policy will cover. From venues closing to people being ill, check out what exactly you will be covered for.

I really really hope that nothing goes wrong on your wedding, but you do hear stories in the press and things like illness (please go away Coronavirus!) do happen.

It’s so much better to be safe than sorry..

I have insurance, I cover myself for peace of mind. I also try to be active online with social media so people know who I am and that I am still in business.