Bridal make-up with Bryony Dalton

February 12, 2020
Bridal make-up with Bryony Dalton.. A few questions regarding bridal make up with award winning Bryon Dalton. I have worked with Bryony many times and she is such a great make up artist and lovely person!

Q. Where should a bride start when considering her wedding make-up look and how should this tie in with her dress, hair etc?

Magazines and visual social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration. Be sure to head to your chosen suppliers social media pages and draw inspiration from their own work also, as a bridal make up artist myself I love it when brides come to me with images of my own work as I can accurately advise on how this look appears on and off camera and how it can be adapted to suit their desired look. Be sure to do your research within plenty of time of your first make up trial, arriving to your appointment with a clear idea of what you want makes for a more successful and enjoyable bridal make up trial experience. Remember to think of the overall look you are going for and how your make-up can provide the finishing touch to the dress to achieve this. It is always good to keep in mind that make-up should complement the overall look and not detract from everything else, this is about enhancing your looks so that you still feel like yourself but at your most beautiful. Definitely do not go for a make-up look that is completely alien to you. You need to feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day. Remember, you’ll be looking back at your wedding pictures forever so don’t chose this time to be experimental. 

Q. I really love the barely there make-up style but I am struggling to find nude colours to suit my skin tone. What would you advise?

This is a favourite look of mine too and bang on trend at the moment. It is however, a tricky look to pull off, especially on your wedding day as often it leaves us feeling a little “undone”. Instead I would adapt this trend by adding a pop of definition with a statement make up piece in an area that feels most you. I often recommend my brides team this very natural look with a rich toned eyeliner buffed along the lash line or a scattering of individual lashes to add definition and a little more drama to this otherwise minimal look. Or, if you are more of a lip gal then press a bold lip colour into lips to create a subtle stain and apply whatever is left on fingers onto the apples of your cheeks as a pop of blush. 

Q I’d love to be able to rock a bold statement lip on my wedding day but I’m worried this isn’t “bridal”. What would you advise?

A bold lip is a great look for any bride wanting to make a statement. If however, you are worried a shade of this kind risks being too heavy for a more relaxed ceremony try applying your desired lip colour as a stain, patted onto lips gently using your ring finger to create a softer pop of colour. Your hubby to be will love this too as it is less likely to transfer onto his lips during THAT kiss! Then, post ceremony when you are ready to party- apply this same lip shade directly from the bullet for a richer, opaque finish that’ll WOW all of your guests.