5 popular flowers for wedding bouquets this year

April 15, 2019

I absolutely LOVE flowers. My favourite being a peony. I asked my friend and amazing florist, Emily Robbins, what the top 5 most popular flowers are that I’ll be seeing at 2019 weddings. Are you having any in your bouquet? Here they are!

1. Peony – A hugely favourite flower (told you!) that can be mixed with garden roses or just as a statement on their on. Available throughout June, Sarah Bernhardt and Dutchess Nemo are the peony leaders with Coral charm coming in close. Just a stunning flower.

2. Ranunculus – A classic beauty of a flower with stunning petals in beautiful tones and hues. White, blush pink and peach stand out in a neutral bouquet. Their dainty flower heads, add delicate texture against larger flowers.

3. Pampas grass – A popular choice this year. Available from September to February, it is great mixed with autumnal and winter florals. For the quirky bride, it adds texture and tone.

4. Foliage – A very popular choice in 2019. Lots of eucalyptus and lots of greenery! Used for suspension hoops, table runners, arch ways, and foliage filled bridal bouquets. (Check out the suspension hoop below, a wedding Emily and I did together – gorgeous right?!)

5. The Garden Rose – Everyone wants peonies all year round, but unfortunately the season doesn’t let us. So the next go to is the garden rose. They have a gorgeous perfume fragrance and stunning petals with a large rose blown head. David Austin and Ohara roses.. garden roses are unbeatable.

All photographs are Kayleigh Pope Photography, all flowers in the photographs are by Emily Robbins.