Visiting Paris? Take a look at these tips

April 4, 2019

Preparing things and gathering information for your trip can be a little bit overwhelming. Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to share a lot of information from my friends at that is very useful for anyone planning a trip to Europe. The guys at INSIDR have compiled interesting tips and recommendations from so many destinations. I want to share some of their articles I found to be both interesting and possibly useful for your next trip.

Paris never runs out of things to see. From the beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum, you will never run out of choices. They even have a selection of great restaurants near the Eiffel Tower! While we are on the subject of food, don’t miss trying all the French goodness. Such as, escargot, truffles, and oysters all of these foods need to be on your must try list. After enjoying your meal of Parisian delicacies, grab yourself some sweet dessert like the best pastries in Paris or some macarons.

Another thing I want to share is how much I’ve discovered about going around Paris at night! INSIDR wrote in length about all the different activities there are to check out at night while in the city. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about sitting in a restaurant for dinner with some wine but I’m the type of person who needs to be doing something at all times! I loved reading about the Moulin Rouge. INSIDR’s articles painted a really different picture from what I’ve heard. Their article on the history of the iconic cabaret also described the show and the dinners they have. I hope to experience it for myself someday.

One of the things I MUST do before leaving a place I visit is pick up some souvenirs. A lot of people might think it’s cheesy or a waste of money and luggage space, but to me it’s a genuine way of taking a piece of that place back home with me. I also love surprising my loved ones with little gifts like chocolates or key holders, and INSIDR served as my guide when I went shopping for souvenirs! I saved so much time because I knew exactly where to go. I also didn’t know that buying food at Galeries Lafayette was possible. I previously thought it was just for fashion! There are also several choices of original made in France products that could be a very interesting gift for your loved ones. You can also pick up some perfume in Paris and bring it home as a souvenir. Because France is the biggest wine producer in the world, French wine is an interesting souvenir as well. After doing some wine tastings in Paris, make sure to bring a bottle (or 3)  back with you! Check out this recommendation of the best wine shops in Paris from INSIDR.

Not far from Paris, you can find the beautiful castle of Versailles. It can be easily accessed from Paris by public transportation, you can read this full guide about how public transportation in Paris works. While exploring Versailles, you can also try some of this best foods in Versailles before you leave the area.

To the north of Paris, you will reach the region of Normandy. You can get here by public transportation or by car on a road trip. To make sure that you are fully prepared for a road trip, read this full guide about driving and renting cars in France. Also, by renting this smartphone, you will have everything you need to navigate your journey! If you want to spend some nights in this region, you can choose from one of the many charming towns in the area, like Bayeux or Honfleur. Bayeux is the closest to the  D-Day Beaches, and you can see several other historical sites there like the American Cemetery and Caen Memorial. Admire the magnificent sight of Etretat and the beautiful garden not far from it. Deauville is another small town in Normandy which has a reputation for being glamorous. You can find a lot of luxury hotels and casinos here. Another thing that you can not miss while you are here, of course, is the authentic Norman cuisine!

I will make sure to share a lot more interesting articles to give you ideas for your next trip. You should check the INSIDR website and discover a lot of cool articles yourself. Have a nice holiday!