5 Reasons You Should Get Married Abroad

July 26, 2021

5 Reasons You Should Get Married Abroad!

I always hear couples say they contemplated getting married abroad (but then didn’t actually do it!). For many reasons, people think it’s going to be hard work, but I’m here to tell you it won’t! Here are my reasons for getting married abroad.

The weather

Let’s face it, the UK weather is unreliable. It very often rains in August, we are never promised sunshine! If you have a destination wedding you are kinda guaranteed nice weather. So this is my top reason for getting married abroad. If you want sunshine – do it!

The photos

The light in European countries is just dreamy. It’s soft and flattering, there is nothing better. We do get that in the UK, but with the European sunshine you will have that dream light. You also won’t have photographs like everyone else. It will almost certainly be a new venue, meaning you have unique wedding photographs by going abroad!

Can do it in the Winter

In the UK, if you want longer days and hopefully better weather, you need to get married in the summer months. With a wedding abroad you can do it any time of the year.. as the weather is nicer! Even winters in warmer countries aren’t as cold as here!

It won’t look as traditional

You can be a bit different when you have a destination wedding. You can break the rules a little! Whilst weddings in the UK can be un-traditional. A wedding abroad can be even more so. With the ceremony outside and even eating outside! I have done destination weddings where the evening reception is outside by the swimming pool!

Guest list

You don’t have to invite everyone to a destination wedding. You really are asking the people that you want to be there. It also means a close knit number of friends and family who you spend lots of time with. Another plus – it’s a few days as opposed to one day! So maybe I have 6 reasons why you should have a wedding abroad!