10 Best Ideas for Outdoor Weddings in 2021

January 2, 2021

10 Best Ideas for Outdoor Weddings in 2021


Intimate outdoor weddings are now trending, thanks to COVID. Although 2020 wasn’t kind to those saying “I do,” there’s hope for a brighter wedding season in 2021.

Whether you chose to postpone your wedding until 2021 or have planned on this coming year to be your year, here are the 10 best ideas for outdoor weddings in 2021.

1. Have an Intimate Wedding in the Woods

What’s more outdoorsy than the woods? Trees and greenery create the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. Nature provides the perfect rustic decor, saving you money!

Find a clearing in the woods, space out your seating, and say your vows under the pines. 

2. Eat Your Meal Picnic-Style

COVID may have prevented you from seating guests next to each other during the reception meal, but one unique way to eat is picnic style. Lay out blankets and pillows on a lawn where families and friends can social-distance to eat.

If you want to elevate the picnic-style reception, offer finger sandwiches and fruit for hors d’oeuvres — a classic picnic meal.

3. Provide an Outdoor Lounge

During your cocktail hour, provide a laidback element like a lounge. They’ll have freedom to move away from their tables while they wait for the grand entrance.

Set up a few couches all around to provide various lounging opportunities.

4. Host a Movie Night 

Keep the party going by hosting an outdoor movie night! Set up a projector and lay out blankets for your guests to curl up and watch a movie with the new couple.

Guests can either choose to stay or go. This is a great way to wind down after a crazy day, and guests can snack on leftovers, or you can have a movie-snack bar. 

5. Party on the Rooftop

Outdoor weddings aren’t just limited to open fields and woods. If you’ve dreamed of a city wedding and want to keep it COVID-safe, have your reception on a rooftop.

You’ll get a lovely view of the city, and it will be safer than a reception inside. 

6. Offer Mask and Sanitizing Stations

If 2020 taught us one thing, hand sanitizer and masks are to be treated like gold. To keep your guests safe at your wedding, set up mask and sanitizing stations.

You never know when a guest might forget their mask in a car. Also, their hands can never be too clean. 

7. Mix Your Seating Choices

Offer a variety of seating choices during your ceremony! Since you’ll likely be having a smaller wedding, you can treat your guests like royalty. 

Set up cushioned chairs and benches for a cozy seating arrangement. Your guests will appreciate the added comfort! 

8. Set Up a Family Tree

For a creative decoration idea, print photos of your family and hang them on a tree. Your guests can see your family tree and where it comes together with you and your new spouse.

If you’re outdoors, you can probably find a tree almost anywhere.

9. Sit Your Guests Facing the Aisle

For a truly intimate experience, seat your guests so they face the aisle. You won’t have this option in a traditional church setting. 

Take advantage of your outdoor ceremony for unique seating arrangements.

10. Use Technology to Include Everyone

It’s hard to have to cut down your guest list. Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue!

Record or livestream your wedding and share the link with those guests you couldn’t invite so they can experience the magic with you! 

Say “I Do” Outside

Outdoor weddings have proven to be some of the most beautiful ones, as seen in 2020. For your 2021 wedding, use these ideas to make your celebration one to remember! 

 Kacey Bradley / Lifestyle Blogger 
 kacey.mya@gmail.com The Drifter Collective