December 18, 2020

Towards the end of every year I usually do an ‘end of year’ blog. This year however, is obviously a lot different. At the beginning of this year I had over 30 weddings booked. I managed to photograph 4. 1 completely normal wedding in February 2020, 2 with 30 guests and 1 with 15 guests. I decided to do an ‘end of year’ blog, with a selection of these photographs as it’s still nice to look back on!

This year has been weird (you know that).. Whilst I have been fortunate to receive grants and I have managed to do bits of other work (family, products, headshots) it’s been odd. I have lost income, bookings and watched my usually busy business become.. well not a lot! Haha. I do however, feel INCREDIBLY fortunate that I am still in business.

I feel so sad for the wedding industry (I know there’s many industries that are suffering right now), but really I can only speak on behalf of the one I know. It’s lost a lot.

I have faith we’ll be back, whenever that is. I can’t wait to walk into a venue with butterflies (I always get a little nervous!). To be handed some gorgeous shoes and check out the dress (no surprise there). I can’t wait to see families hug and sit in a ceremony without a mask. To see people dancing and having fun again. I know one day it’ll be back and this will all be a memory!

I also want to say thank you to my couples who have gone out of their way to replan their wedding around a date I’m free. (It was a strange and stressful time trying to move a years worth of bookings to another year). Thank you also to everyone who likes and comments on my social media pages. It was much needed this year, I apologise for the repetitive posts!

Here are a few photographs from this year that I feel sum up 2020. I really hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas and 2021 is a lot better! Fingers crossed!

Also, my pals in the wedding industry who I’ve spoken to daily in the height of summer. You’re ace people.