5 tips for styling family photographs

November 24, 2020

5 tips for styling family photographs.

This year, over the summer, I’ve had a lot more chance to photograph families. It’s been lovely! Even though I miss weddings, it’s been a nice to have more time to photograph other things. Some people ask me, what should we wear? So I’ve put together 5 tips for styling family photographs!


Pick a colour theme

Pick a family colour. Navy, white, tan.. all good colours that all sexes and ages can wear. You do NOT have to go head to toe in the colour.. a sample of the same colour on each family member will make for a beautiful themed family photograph. Also note, it does not matter if your child doesn’t want to wear a certain item. That’s what black and white is for! Haha!

Don’t match, coordinate 

You don’t all have to wear white shirts for example. Mix it up, white shirts, dresses, trousers, jumper.. you get it. You don’t have to all match with your outfits.

Think about where your photographs are going

If you want photographs for you neutral living room walls, your clothing and location should match. There’s no point having green trees as a backdrop, if your style is neutral and creamy. Just keep in mind where you’re displaying your photographs and will it look cohesive.


Don’t overthink it. Most kids don’t want to sit still and smile into a camera. So letting them just be them, will create the perfect shot. I prefer the natural style photographs, where you’re walking and laughing. Perfect!

Trust your photographer

We will keep snapping and definitely catch more than you think we will. Don’t over worry about a grump child or if they keep looking away, there will be nice photographs.