The Best Shoes to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding

January 22, 2020

You’ve received a wedding invitation, and you can’t wait to see your loved ones get married and help them celebrate the start of their life together. Weddings are an extra special occasion, but they can also turn out to be uncomfortable if you don’t plan things right — and that includes your outfit.

You’d never wear a long-sleeved velvet dress to a summer wedding or sport a straw hat during a winter ceremony. Likewise, wearing the wrong shoes is the biggest problem people discover after they’ve been standing for hours on end at the reception. 

Stay comfy and look cute by choosing the best shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding at any time of the year. Once you consider the season, location and type of ceremony, you’ll find the best footwear for your outfit.

Smart Spring Shoes

Spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. One week you’ll button up in your heaviest coat, and the next week you’ll need to grab your summer clothes from your storage closet. Consider the month of the wedding to gauge if you should show off a pedicure or wear something that covers a bit more of your foot.

Sandals with chunky heels do well in the spring and won’t soak through after a rain shower at an outdoor wedding. If it’s chilly, think about wearing flats that shine or have a pop of colour. Keep the heel low for a casual event or find a shoe with a pointed toe for something more dressy.

Stylish Summer Shoes

Summer weddings sometimes happen at the beach, which you can prepare for with ease, ceremonies can also happen outdoors in grassy areas. You’ll find that it’s easiest to walk over the sand in slides or wrap sandals. As long as they don’t have a heel, you’ll navigate over dunes and shake out loose grains of sand with ease.

Grassy venues won’t require you to choose a certain type of shoe over the other. As long as you don’t walk across lawns in stilettos, you can wear pretty much any footwear that goes with your outfit. Sandals, flats and wedges are all great choices.

Comfortable Fall Shoes

Depending on how late in the season your fall wedding is, you can get away with a couple of different options. Flats are always a comfortable choice, and they look great at weddings when they’re dressed up in suede or leather. You can also go with a Chelsea boot, which offers more variation with heel height.

Ankle boots won’t look out of place at a formal wedding if you wear them with a dressy jumpsuit or pantsuit. Fashionistas may prefer to pair them with a dress.

Fashionable Winter Shoes

Your trusty pair of dress flats will be welcomed at most weddings, but you should leave your calf and knee-length boots at home. Unless the wedding happens at a barn venue and has a country theme, boots will look out of place. Instead, wear heels or flats accented with velvet to embrace the season.

If the wedding is happening in a place where you’ll need to trek through snow to reach the venue’s front door, don’t worry. Find your usual snowboots and weatherproof them before you go so your feet stay dry and warm. Switch them out for your dress shoes once you get inside and leave your boots in a coat closet until you’re ready to go home.

Plan Your Outfit

Before you buy a new pair of shoes, plan the outfit you’ll wear to the ceremony. Use it as the foundation for your colour and texture choices as you look at footwear. After you’ve made your seasonally appropriate choice, remember to break them in during the weeks before the wedding so you’re comfortable throughout the reception.

 Kacey Bradley / Lifestyle Blogger The Drifter Collective