10 Types of Wedding Venues to Consider for 2019

November 2, 2018

Have you dreamed of a specific type of wedding from a young age? When you close your eyes, what do you picture for your present-day wedding? Do you see it hosted in a house of worship or a vineyard? What if you see nothing? Take inspiration from these 10 types of wedding venues to consider for 2019.

1. House of Worship

You may prefer a faith-based service in a house of worship, whether that’s a church, mosque or grove. Sacred spaces create feelings of sanctity and formalise your union in the eyes of your faith. Many of these locations even have some room for a reception.

2. Vineyard

Are you an oenophile? Host your wedding at a winery. Vineyards afford beautiful scenery for photo ops and make for a great wedding venue, even if you’re not a wino. You can find vineyards near the beach, in the city and in the mountains, so take your pick!

3. Garden/Park

Do you dream of getting hitched outdoors? A garden or park provides natural decoration. Some outdoor venues may be free or affordable as long as you book in advance and get the proper permit. Different parts of the park may also cost different prices depending on whether you’re renting additional facilities, like a place to change into your gown.

4. Barn/Farm

Planning a country or rustic theme? Barn and farm wedding venues provide a casual atmosphere where guests can feel relaxed and let loose. Some farms offer small wedding packages, so see what’s available through the venue before you jump the gun on vendors. Host a casual bonfire, with permission, for the afterparty if you’re having the wedding in a cooler season.

5. Hotel

Thinking about a destination wedding or a local wedding where out-of-town guests will need somewhere to stay? If you’ve got a beautiful hotel in mind, why not have the ceremony there? Transportation is simple with this solution, and many hotels have event spaces to choose from.

Imagine yourself as Cinderella in the ballroom — but without the family drama. Don’t be afraid to ask for a package deal or discount due to having guests and the wedding in the same location. Ask the hotel to include a shrinkage clause so that you don’t get penalised with fees for un-booked rooms.

6. Cruise Ship

In love with the water as much as you’re in love with your partner? Have the wedding out on the water! See new places as you make new vows or renew old ones.

For example, Windstar offers wedding vow renewals aboard ship where the captain renews the couple’s vows, and the package includes a bottle of sparkling wine, a custom-made cake and a special invitation. The couple is responsible for their marriage certificate and legal recording. Cruise packages also exist for those getting married for the first time.

7. Restaurant

Are you and your partner foodies? If food is a big part of your relationship, select a location suitable for a small wedding. The venue can be casual or high-class, and many restaurants have event rooms where you can put the DJ. As a bonus, tables and chairs are already included!

8. Country Club

Many couples host wedding anniversary parties at country clubs, which are also a popular venue for proms. The grounds come with beautifully maintained golf courses and expansive trees. With this choice, you’ll have options for hosting the wedding indoors or outdoors, with tables and chairs and in-house catering to help keep your spending reasonable.

9. Mansion/Historic Home

Mansions and historic homes offer a vintage vibe and bring up nostalgia. These venues also usually have charming gardens, providing opportunities for indoor and outdoor weddings and portraits. Look for a historical settlement or home ran by a nonprofit in your area, and call or email to ask for information.

Does the venue offer packages, or do you need to find vendors to fulfill your needs? When decorating, ask family and friends for vintage photos to add to the sense of nostalgia and families coming together. If you can’t decide on certain factors, let the venue inspire you.

10. Modern Space/Loft

Think of modern spaces and lofts as blank canvases. Couples can let their imaginations run wild with themes for these empty spaces.

Dress the space up or down to meet your needs and wedding dreams. Some businesses rent out spaces that resemble boring office rooms, but lofts and architecturally modern spaces offer enough interest to inspire you and not make you feel like you’re settling.

These 10 ideas should get you started on choosing the venue that best suits you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, even with a traditional venue.

The Drifter Collective  Kacey Bradley / Lifestyle Blogger 
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