things you never considered on your wedding morning

August 10, 2018

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Traditionally, men wear their buttonhole on the left hand side facing up.. women on the right facing down (apparently to do with how it sits on a woman – yes I googled it). Do not place the buttonhole flower through the actual buttonhole (I know I know) but place it over it and pin it like you would a poppy.


Scissors are always needed on a wedding morning, To cut off those annoying ribbons in clothes and loose cotton on a dress. Also come in handy to remove shop tags that you forgot to remove. 

[li]HOW TO TIE A BOW[/li]

Bridesmaid/flowergirl dresses sometimes have untied bows on the back. I filmed a video on how to tie a bow here!


A crochet hook is always handing for doing up the buttons on the back of a wedding dress.


It’s always good to have music on in the background on a wedding morning. I think it stops those silences where you have time to worry!