How to make your wedding guests feel special

August 6, 2018

Wedding season is almost upon us and the stress of planning the joyous occasion can take over. There are so many things to consider: outfits, venues, seating arrangements, guests, a photographer and what the weather will be like. If you’re from Britain, then you know that it could be a gorgeous day one moment and the next it’s raining cats and dogs.

The average wedding has 79 guests during the day and 104 guests during the evening, according to a survey taken in 2017 by Hitched. You have a special day planned for all of your family and friends to enjoy and keeping your guests comfortable and happy is a top priority.

Here are a few steps on how to keep your family and friends looked after and feeling special during your wedding.

Keep Them Dry

If it starts to rain then it’ll lower the mood of the wedding and no one wants to sit through a wedding after they’ve just drowned in a sea of torrential rain. Having some spare umbrellas on standby is a great way to keep your guests happy (and dry).

Good Food

They say the way to a man or woman’s heart is through the stomach. Keeping the food fun and simple can really make guests feel at home. How about switching it up with some hot, tasty slices of pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza?

Offering a range of diverse foods can cater to everyone’s needs. A good variety of things to devour will ensure that your guests will be pleased, well fed and keep everyone smiling. Don’t forget to incorporate vegetarian options and meals for people that may have allergies! 

Treat your guests to something a little sweet after the ceremony. The sweltering summer months call for ice cream and other delicious desserts, like cheesecake on a stick. This can show your guests that you’ve put effort into making them happy.

Make it Personal

Don’t you love it when people say “I saw this and thought of you” or they remember an experience that the two of you had together and you both smile and laugh? Making your guests feel special, is all about the details. From a bespoke note inside their place card to personalised welcome bags. that is full of little goodies is a lovely touch. 

A Warm Welcome

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to alcoholic beverages at weddings. Like Jack Sparrow said, “A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around!” From Prosecco to Piña coladas, the choices seem almost endless. 

Greet your guests with a drink to help them feel at ease as soon as they arrive. The warm, hospitable welcome will help them to relax and get them excited for the rest of the day.

Group Photos

On one of the best days of your life, you want to share your happiness with others. Take a group photo with your guests so they acknowledge how much you appreciate them coming to your big day. The photo will be a keepsake for all of your attendees.


Not the kind of toast that’s full of lovely, carby deliciousness. The kind of toast that shows gratitude towards your guests and everyone that has attended your wedding. 

Saying a few special words to your guests and thanking them for coming to the wedding will make them feel valued and appreciated. You can even point out a few people, in particular, to thank them for helping out with organising the wedding (or being patient with you.)

Come rain or shine, weddings are a beautiful occasion for everyone to enjoy. If the guests feel loved and as comfortable as possible, they’ll remember how glorious it was to feel involved in your big day.

by Anup Sohanta | @noopface