June 18, 2018


Find natural light.

Always take the best photograph you can. Look for natural light. Then edit and brighten your photograph in Instagram (or some Apps!).

Plan your feed.

Make sure your Instagram page looks cohesive so that when people are looking at your full profile – It’ll look nice! Use apps such as Planoly to plan out and rearrange your feed. All whilst sticking to a colour theme or layout!

Don’t put photographs on for the sake of it.

Don’t feel the pressure to put photographs on constantly. Wait for good content, make sure the photograph is fabulous and then post it. For businesses, don’t post random iPhone photographs from a night out on your business feed.. it’ll make you cohesive profile look off.

Stick to a theme.

For me, I am a wedding photographer. But I also post travel photographs and general photographs from my life. I still try to keep my Instagram looking cohesive whilst posting a few different topics. Personally, I think showing other things you like, helps your business brand. But unless it’s relevant to your brand – don’t post it.

Do you have any tips?! Let me know below..