wedding photography make up tips!

June 8, 2018

Let me start by saying.. I’m not a make up artist. Not even close. I watch YouTube tutorials and make up artists on wedding mornings and I try. I TRY.

As a wedding photographer, I am asked about make up tips for photography.. so here are some I’ve learnt along the way.. 


SPF in foundation causes flashback when using a flash in photography (what a sentence). I don’t massively use flash as I’m all about the natural light.. so it’s not a crazy massive problem if I’m your photographer. However, try out an SPF foundation and take a photo with the flash on on your phone. Ta-dah! You’ll see if your foundation works for you!


Have a good base. If your skin is looking good without make up.. it’s going to look even more fabulous with make up. I love the brand The Ordinary. I use their oils in my hair and on my face (goes without saying, but if you have an oily complexion, I’m guessing oils aren’t a good thing – told you I’m not a MUA!)..

A good exfoliator will clean your face, removing make up and surface impurities. All giving a good base! 


Obviously makes your skin nice. 


You don’t need to do have your make up (or hair) done ‘like a bride’. You can still be you, but at your most fabulous!


It is good to go a little heavier on your make up for the camera’s benefit. Slightly heavier stands out more on photographs.. whereas lighter make up can get lost. Adding a little more blusher for example, gives your cheeks more of a flush on photographs.


Do you have any tips? Let me know below


KP x