The camera’s I use whilst travelling

February 28, 2018

To me, there is nothing better than exploring a new place with a camera in hand. Wandering between tourist spots, finding places off the beaten track and stopping for drinks in a pretty cafe.. my perfect day. I always want good photographs of the places I see without just using my phone.. but I want to take as little as possible! So here is what I would take when doing some travel photography!


My second body camera, the one I take to weddings as a back up. I love this camera. It’s a full frame, 36.3 megapixel (.3 is important right?!) and I just love the photographs I can take with it. It’s great in low light and has a dual card slot so I have back up! Woo!

35mm 1.4f SIGMA ART LENS.

On the Nikon D800 I take only the 35mm Sigma lens. I like there versatility of this lens. I can take photos of pretty much anything.. from landscapes to food. It’s perfect. It is however, quite heavy (only downside when carrying it around). I still do though, because I know I’d regret not using it! 


I got this little camera to take snaps and video. It is great! I like how it can be used on manual so I have lots of control over it.. but equally, the other settings on it (including auto) work well too. This camera is good for when you’re travelling and taking video. I also like taking it out at night incase I want to snap anything.. and I don’t have to fit my Nikon in my bag. 

Travel photographs are my favourite thing to look at on Instagram and Facebook. Keep travelling and gramming them! 


Kayleigh x