50 facts about moi

March 23, 2017

My name’s Kayleigh
I’m 30
I’m a Sagittarius
I’m an only child
My favourite singer is Stevie Nicks
Closely followed by Lana Del Rey
I’m allergic to some fruits
I passed my driving test first time
I have a fear of flying
Despite that I LOVE to travel
I can go into any shop and find something ‘I need’
I binge watch Sex and the City
I love to paint
My hair is usually a huge mess
I have never done a shot
But I like a glass of wine
I’ve known my best friend since I was 2
I have never dyed my hair (apart from red streaks as a teenager)
I hate mornings and don’t plan things until about 11am
I quote friends in most social situations
There’s approximately 24 Eiffel Towers in my apartment
I love holidays with cafes and art galleries
I have one God child
I would rather be cold than warm
I would love to live in Paris for a few months
One of my favourite things to do is lay in the dark with music on
I love positive people
I will always pick an orange cream from a box of Cadbury’s roses
I worry
I love road trips
..and gigs
I broke my wrist when I was 6
My middle name is Jayne
My favourite film is Psycho
Or Amelie
Or the Great Gatsby
I forget things
so I make lists…
I have a weird crush on James Franco
I have one tattoo
Alongside some Uni friends.. I helped bring back the Wispa chocolate bar
I love pizza
I’ve never been to a gym
I am completely fascinated by space
I’d love my Grandad to know I’m a photographer
I Google things whilst you’re mid sentence to find out facts
I don’t wear socks
I have beans next to toast (not on!)
I love peonies
I search IMDb for actors I recognise when watching a film

Your life is complete now you know these things right? I’m sorry if I’m not that exciting! Haha!

KP x


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