How to get bright photographs

November 2, 2016

Someone on my Facebook page asked me.. “How do you get your images so bright and fresh looking yet keep really good skin tones?”.. So I thought I’d answer in a blog!
I attempted to record myself editing and talking but.. well.. It makes me cringe. I sound better typing ;)
I try my damn hardest to get the photograph how I want it in camera and then tweak and edit in photoshop or lightroom.
The photograph below was taken on a Nikon D800 with a 50mm f1.4 Sigma lens.
My settings were ISO 250, 1/1600 f2.2.
The top photograph is what the image looked like straight out of the camera and the bottom one is the edited version (Not a huge difference).


Regarding editing, there is no right or wrong (in my opinion). Some people like dark and grainy photographs.. where as me, I prefer light and bright. So I edit accordingly. I increase the exposure and shadows.. then bring down the highlights so the blown out areas have detail.


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