December 31, 2015

I always do an end of year blog, it’s a nice way to reflect on the year and remember all the things I’ve done. This year I photographed 46 beautiful weddings. I can still safely say that I love my job. It’s the best. I have a career doing something I absolutely adore and it genuinely makes me happy that I can say my profession is a wedding photographer.
Sometimes running a business has it’s stresses and I am continually learning as I go. I figure the day I have nothing new to learn is the day I should quit.
I am so chuffed that I exceeded my target booking number, I had my work featured on some popular wedding blogs and I opened an online shop!

I don’t want this to turn into the Queen’s speech, so I’ll leave it here.

I can’t thank my amazing couples enough. You are all ace.
Thanks to all the lovely people I’ve met in the wedding industry.
Thank you to anyone who follows me on social media, that reads my blog posts and has ever told me you like my work.

Here’s a video from 2015. Hope you like it!

KP x


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