The Giving Keys

December 28, 2015

This year, I decided to try and switch off from business as much as I could. I always used to feel like if I stopped using social media my business would fail. However, I left my iMac alone, I answered a few emails on my phone, I did zero editing and I tried to stop thinking about what I had to do when work began again. Apart from the few Christmas time weddings I had, I wanted to take a break and enjoy Christmas with my family. One thing I find hard to do is not taking photographs, but in fact I think it’s important to take photographs with the family.. because as I learnt this year, photographs are something you cherish.

On Christmas morning, I opened a present which was a necklace from The Giving Keys. Based in Los Angeles, The Giving Keys employ people transitioning out of homelessness. The reason behind what they do is ace, but they also promote a ‘pay it forward’ scheme. On the key is a word (mine was create), you are supposed to eventually give your key away to someone who you feel needs it. I just loved this idea and I loved that the person who bought me mine, chose ‘create’.

It’s funny how a little key around your neck can remind you how people see you and that it’s okay to not think about work for a while and enjoy real life away from a computer.


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