Camera bag essentials

March 12, 2015


Over the years I have found out that there are some items that are always needed at a wedding. As a photographer you aren’t just taking photographs.. You become an assistant, a hairdresser, seamstress, a make up artist and a dress do-er-up-er (yes that’s a word). I am not trying to say I am official make-up artist or hair stylist.. (I would be awful at that job). What I’m trying to say is, that during photograph time if a hair flies out of place or a tear is falling down the brides cheek.. then you need to have the appropriate tools to help the situation. Noone is left rushing around to try and find a tissue.. it’s just there – helping the bride and helping you do your job.

So here are my essentials!

Hair grips // After ceremony hugs mean that sometimes hair flies out of place..

Crochet hook // If a bridesmaid or Mum has long nails… a crochet hook can help do the dress up. This way noone else has to do the dress up and the bridesmaids or Mum can still be in the photographs.

Safety pins // Again, things happen. Better to be safe than sorry. Bad joke.

Pen // Not really a helpful thing for a bride and groom, but it’s always handy to have one.

Sewing kit // You know those sewing kits you get in a hotel room that no one takes with them? Well yeah, send them my way :) Many a time I have seen brides/bridesmaids/guests being sewn into dresses.

Sweets // Again, doesn’t massively help the bride and groom.. but weddings can be long days. Sometimes the time inbetween meals is fairly long and sometimes nerves stop a couple from eating in the morning. A sweet can help with a little sugar rush. Plus, everyone loves sweets right?

Tissues // Tears. There’s going to be tears. From men, but that’s a different blog.

Plasters // Brides/bridesmaids/guests are very often looking for plasters for blisters. No one wants a bridesmaid limping down the aisle.

Hope that helps!

Kp x






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