How much time should you allow for formal photographs at your wedding?

February 26, 2015

Photo credit : Katie Ingram Photography

Before every wedding, it’s handy to know (if possible) how long the venue have put aside for formal/family photographs. I will always try to stick to this set time as the venue are running to a timeline that effects the rest of the day. The chefs are preparing the wedding breakfast for a certain time, so I hate running over because it can upset the plan for the whole day.

My advice for how long you need is approximately one and a half hours.

There are some exceptions to this advice.. Sometimes the wedding is smaller so requires less time. I have been to weddings with 10 guests so they don’t neceserily need an hour and a half. Sometimes couples only want two family photographs and have no groomsmen/bridesmaids.. so again, theres no need.

However, the majority of weddings I attend have over 80 guests. When you start to take into account every combination of group photographs you’d like, it takes a fair bit of time to photograph.
Even though my style is very laid back, it is inevitable that at a wedding you will be wanting group photographs, so therefore you need to set the right amount of time to capture everything you wish.

Most venues give the hour and a half, but some couples say that they don’t like photographs so can they make it shorter. My advice is to stick to the hour and a half, if it takes less time – great! You may be surprised how many photographs you’d like and how time goes very fast! :)

Kp x






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