What should a photographer wear on a wedding day?

January 19, 2015

I have been asked a few times “what do you wear to a wedding?”
So I thought I’d answer it, in the form of a blog post!


When I first started wedding photography I thought that I had to wear all black and blend in. However, over the years I have realised that dressing in a nice colourful dress can make you blend in even more. I still like to look ‘business-y’ but I also like to look nice, because after all, I am surrounded by a huge group of people who all look their absolute best! Therefore, I think it’s good to dress well when you’re photographing a wedding.

My wedding photographer outfit ‘do’s’ are;

– If you’re wearing a dress, make sure it’s fairly long. You do a lot of running and bending down at weddings. Noone wants to flash an entire wedding party right? Haha.

– Same goes for making sure your chest is covered. When you’re bending down you don’t want to feel self conscious, so make sure your chest is well covered so you are free to bend down without worry!

– Now, I am pretty small in the height department. I am also partial to a heeled shoe. However, I fell down some stairs at a wedding once which put me off heels at weddings for life. Flats are a necessity at weddings.. and maybe a small heel from time to time! I am starting to reintroduce a small heel with an ankle strap so I can make sure they stay secure but give me a little height!

– Because I live in the UK and not California.. We have to deal with the beautiful weather (sense my sarcasm). So therefore, a nice blazer or coat always looks smart when photographing outside in the cold.


My wedding photographer outfit ‘don’ts’ are;

– Jeans or any form of ‘slouchy’ trousers. Jeans can look smart and those slouchy trousers are great for editing in. But do not ever wear them to a wedding. Ever.

– White. It’s a rule. Just, no.

– Any clothes that look like they’ve had their day. Look smart, clean and kept.

Also, don’t worry if at the end of a wedding your hair looks like this…


Because you’ll be wearing that nice dress right ;)

Kp x






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