My winter wedding tips!

December 12, 2014

Winter weddings are absolutely beautiful. Although the air is crisp, you very often get that gorgeous winter sunlight. Winter colours are warm and inviting, and guests seem to spend more time together due to being indoors. However, over the years I have learnt that winter weddings differ greatly to summer weddings.. here are my tips!


When picking a ceremony time with your church or registra, keep in mind that in the winter it will be dark by 3:30/4:00 pm, so try and pick a fairly early-ish one. I would say around 1pm. If you’d like photographs in your venues grounds, you’re going to want natural light so you can see the backdrop. In the summer, it doesn’t really go dark until fairly late, so there’s plenty of time for photographs if there ceremony’s later. In the winter we have a short period of light, so the earlier the ceremony, the more time for light!

If you already know you’d like a winter wedding, when looking for a venue make sure you pick one with a beautiful interior. Also in winter it’s good to have a venue that has lots of windows for natural light. Due to the weather being very chilly in the winter and it doesn’t always play ball (rain) you may have to use the inside for photographs, so you want it to be pretty right? :) (I know in the summer it can also rain and you still want a beautiful interior for summer weddings.. but if it rains in the summer you can always pop out for more photographs later when the rains stopped because it’s still light).

Bear in mind the weather. It will be cold.. brr! and possibly wet. Umbrellas, wellies, coats etc are all good things to look into before your wedding so you can keep dry. See my previous blog on rainy wedding days here

Last thing! Try and stick to timings so the day runs smoothly. Weddings are way more stressful when they don’t go to planned times, so making sure times are stuck to will help to give more time for weather issues and light!

Kp x






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