What to ask your wedding photographer?

July 16, 2013

FAQ'SWhilst browsing through this months issue of ‘Wedding magazine’ I saw an article called ‘What to ask your wedding photographer?’. I thought I’d use these this questions in a blog post. So here goes…

Can you view their previous work? Of course! I show prospective clients albums of full weddings and also a selection of my favourites through Apple TV.

Do they use film or a digital camera? I love film and film is what I started shooting in. But I shoot weddings with a digital camera (Nikon D800) because I’m too much of a wimp to use film. Plus! It’s cheaper for my clients if I use digital as I don’t have to add film into the price.

Is their style of photography informal, reportage, or traditional and posed? I would describe my style as some reportage, because I love those photographs you didn’t realise are being taken… mixed with some formal ones and a few fun ones thrown in :)

How many pictures will they take? I take on average 100 photographs an hour, but it can differ. The average amount of photographs that I give to clients is about 400 +. I take out people blinking or looking the wrong way.. Or genuinely bad shots… It happens… :(

Who will own the copyright of the photographs? I give all my clients the right to print and reproduce the wedding photographs. I own the copyright so I can use them on my website etc, but the clients own printing rights.

How long will they stay? I do different packages to suit everyones needs. Depending on where and the time of day you’re getting married, then the timings can differ slightly.

Will they visit the venue beforehand? If the wedding is fairly local I will visit the venue even if it is not with the couple. If I have photographed there before, there is no need to visit again :) If the venue is a distance (I have shot weddings in Oxford, Preston and Shrewsbury) then sometimes it isn’t feasible to visit. But luckily some venues (like Trinity college in Oxford) do virtual tours which are great! There are also tons of photographs on a venues website and also on photographers blogs who have shot weddings there previously.

When will you receive the photographs? I aim to have weddings completed in 2 weeks. Sometimes in peak season this can be a little longer and sometimes if the Bride and Groom are on a long honeymoon then it can take a little while before they get to view their wedding.

How to their fees work? I ask for 20% upon booking and the rest of the balance 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Will they set up an online gallery? Yes! I LOVE them.



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