My favourite apps

July 5, 2013



Running any business requires a lot of admin work and thankfully with the iphone alot of this can be done on the go! When you also throw photography into this mix, the iPhone is just amazing.

I like to share photographs as I go, even ones that aren’t out of my Nikon. I am a visual person, I like people to see photographs of my life as opposed to just text. The iPhone (or any other smart phone) have great apps which make sharing photographs quick and simple.

I use many apps which help me business wise, here’s my list below.


I am a self confessed Instagram addict. I did a previous blog on why I love it so here . But, Instagram gives me the opportunity to share photographs that are stored in one place and then share them to my social networks within seconds. No need to go to Twitter then Facebook, I can do it in one go. Not to mention the rise filter. Hello tan.


I use Dropbox to file share with some clients. It’s a great way to send high resolution photographs over the internet without that boring task of uploading ridiculous amounts to an email.

Banking App

This speaks for itself. I can check payments ingoing and outgoing really simply, without having to always be near a computer or a bank. Day and night, wherever I am I can keep a check on my finances!


Zara, because I need to wear nice things to weddings right? Enough said, should probably delete this app…


My social media pages. Great for sharing what I’m doing and photographs of recent shoots. Again great for on the go when I’ve snapped a photograph while I’m out.


I LOVE Pinterest. It’s amazing for ideas! Seriously Brides, if you haven’t been on Pinterest then you should… Even though it might make your wedding that little bit more expensive.. oops. It’s great though, lots of ideas about everything! Fashion, weddings, quotes, arts and crafts.. the list goes on. It’ll make you want to try fancy things on your nails and spray glitter on everything…


VSCOcam is a camera that I recently downloaded with some beautiful filters on it. You can change brightness, contrast etc.. and the black and white filters are so dramatic. I love.


I love to listen to music on the go and this app is great for this. You can make a playlist of music from artists. Some popular artists are on there and some fairly unheard of ones too.. which makes it even better!


What are your favourites? What am I missing out on? Let me know :)





Camera+. My fave photo taking app, nice filters and auto enhance (clarity) is very nice for an auto fix. Cool borders and things too. Use it for every photo I take

Thank you! I’ll check it out


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