Barrie and LeAnne – WEDDING

June 12, 2013

I have known Barrie and his family forever. We both grew up in Coventry and both went to Coventry University. Infact, I did a documentary on him for a uni project.. That’s another blog post…

LeAnne and Barrie met in 2010 whilst both working at Camp Scully in the USA. LeAnne is from Michigan, and they would travel back and forth from the USA to the UK to see each other. (It gets even more romantic..)… On August 12th 2011, Barrie took LeAnne on a surprise scavenger hunt that took 6 hours to complete. Each clue led LeAnne to another clue around the camp Scully grounds, until she was led to the final one. On the final answer LeAnne expected Barrie to be there with a ring. Instead was a scroll with 50 things Barrie loved about LeAnne. Whilst the scroll was beautiful, she felt a little disappointed thinking she was about to get engaged. With that she retreated to her cabin and got ready for a staff night out.

LeAnne and Barrie were enjoying the night when Barrie disappeared for a while. Wondering where he had gone, LeAnne heard him being introduced to the stage. He was there, on stage, wearing a white top gun uniform. (Honestly, I know you’re thinking how?! But it gets even better!). Barrie then began to sing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” to LeAnne, whilst singing “I get down on my knee for you…” he took to one knee and proposed to LeAnne. She said yes.

LeAnne and Barrie were married last December in Michigan, USA. As some of Barrie’s friends and family couldn’t make the wedding, they had a blessing and a reception in the UK this June. It was a beautiful day. As they were already married, we were able to get some photographs in before the blessing. We went to secluded roads and fields, whilst passersby would stop and say congratulations!

I love how in love LeAnne and Barrie are, no distance has stopped them. Their families are amazingly supportive and both traveled thousands of miles to join celebrations both here and in America.

Thank you for picking me to capture your second amazing day.





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