This blog isn’t to have a moan, (okay it kinda is) but writing things down makes me feel better.

Do you ever have one of those moments where you wish the world was a little more simple? I am a self confessed technology addict, but there are times when I wish a carrier pigeon was my mode of communication. I lie, I don’t.. I’m just being dramatic. I have had a weekend of dramatic moments. At the time I didn’t class them as dramatic moments because when something fails on you, it can feel like your world just self imploded.

Dramatic moment number one. On Saturday I had just finished an engagement shoot, like always I went to back up my photos. No no, on this occasion that wasn’t happening. My built in SD card reader had other ideas. After trying an arrangement of memory cards, I decided that was it, my WHOLE computer was broken. I couldn’t fathom that I could just get a cable to upload them or buy a USB SD card reader, I wanted it my old way! I don’t like change! I rang Apple, the lady was lovely, I like to class her as my therapist. She gave me a number of things to do and nope, it didn’t work. So I booked an appointment with a Mac genius in Solihull for Monday. In the meantime, a Facebook genius friend (if you need pc repair in coventry check out – CV PC repair ) gave me some things to do, turns out, one of my old memory cards had fallen apart in the SD reader. Plastic hooked out, drama over, it works.

Dramatic moment number two. Have you ever felt like 80 people are staring at you wondering what on earth is happening? Well, this happened to me on Sunday. Only I didn’t feel like they were, they actually were all staring. As a photographer it is my worst fear that something breaks. I have dreams (nightmares) about this stuff. Well, my nightmare came true. I was standing infront of every single wedding guest ready for group photographs and my lens said fEE. ERROR! I swore a little bit, got a little hot and wanted to just fall to my knees and cry. But I didn’t. I did this – :) and pretended everything was fine. (Later on guests asked me what was up with my lens so I guess a career in acting is out). After a few messages to a trusty Facebook group, I flicked a switch and drama over, it works.

Dramatic moment number three. I get a little too involved with ideas at a wedding that I don’t usually concentrate on anything else. So whilst I was photographing the bride and grooms portraits, I placed my iphone on top of my bag. Little did I know, it had slid off.. and was having a nice little lie in the sun in the grass. I went inside to photograph the wedding breakfast room, then looked for my phone. IT WASN’T THERE. That feeling in my stomach came, how will I email?! How will I instagram during the day?! What if someone finds my phone and finds all those cake photographs on there?! (Really serious questions I know). But, my trusty assistant/Mum found it. In the field, chilling, surrounded by children running. Drama over.

I thought I was over my troubles, but when I came home from Sunday’s wedding I managed to fall up the stairs. Yup, UP.

This weekend I have learnt that Facebook has saved me twice so a carrier pigeon doesn’t really have a place in my life. I’ve also learnt I shouldn’t be an actress, I need to put my phone in a pocket and that I should just continue to smile, because problems usually work out… somehow.

After a glass of wine, chocolate and a dinner with the lovely Holly and Shannon, I feel refreshed for a new working week.



Great posts and I can relate to how you feel. Best of luck with your blog and keep up the awesome work :)

Thank you, nice to know people can relate! :)

Definitely :) If you ever want to read some funny and inspirational stories, you are more than welcome to come by my blog and have a Cup of Joe.


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