There are times I’m filled with self doubt. No matter how many people tell me they love my work or how many couples book me, there are times when that bit of self criticism creeps in. I’m my own worst enemy.

I think the questions that I ask myself (in a non crazy way), are great things for an artist to think. ‘Could I have done that differently?’ or ‘was that as good as I wanted it to be?’ are the kind of things that keep artists growing. Everytime I feel like I could of done something differently only allows me to keep improving!

Sometimes I feel like I never stop thinking, if you ever see me staring into space, I’m probably thinking up a new idea. Everyday I learn new things about photography and business, whilst sometimes this is scary this is why I also love my job so much.

The day I feel like I have nothing left to learn is the day I shall quit.

I think all artists shouldn’t be so hard on themselves, whatever form of art they do.





I have so many moments like this, I can’t even count.

Horrible isn’t it?! :( we shouldn’t doubt ourselves x


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