James and Chloe – WEDDING

May 14, 2013

James and Chloe were one of the first weddings I ever booked for myself. It seems like years ago that we first met to discuss wedding photography, infact it was! James and Chloe got married at the beautiful Nailcote Hall in Coventry. It was March and with typical unpredictable British weather.. there was snow on the ground. It was cold, very cold, but they both braved the weather so that we could get some shots on Nailcotes gorgeous grounds.

I had an absolutely fabulous day photographing James and Chloe’s day, from the bridal preparation shots up until the first dance. When I got there in the morning James and Chloe got ready in rooms next door to each other, which was such a lovely thing to do. Occasionally you could hear the room next door, at one point I remember Chloe saying “Aw, I heard him laugh” with a beaming smile. James walked down the isle before Chloe which was a lovely twist on tradition, his face was a literally a picture when he saw Chloe arrive at the top of the stairs. I hope you enjoy this purple snowy wedding as much as I did photographing it.

Paolo Nutini- Growing Up Beside You


James_Chloe_1 James_Chloe Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_4 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_5 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_6 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_7 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_8 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_9 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_10 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_11


James_Chloe_78James_Chloe_69ANailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_16Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_17Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_18Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_21 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_19Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_23 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_24 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_25 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_26 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_27 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_28 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_29 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_30 Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_31

James_Chloe_242 James_Chloe_265 James_Chloe_304 James_Chloe_306 James_Chloe_307Nailcote_Coventry_Wedding_Kayleigh_Pope_42



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