Random facts about me

April 3, 2013


Even though there is an ‘about me’ on my website. I thought I’d share some more of the random things about myself. Feel free to comment back with some random things about YOU! I want to hear. Let’s embrace randomness.

I LOVE to travel.. But I HATE flying. Not because I think it will crash, but that  I can’t get off the plane when I’d like to. I’m a strange one.

I’m allergic to apples, pears… basically any fruit but citrus. Again, I’m strange.

If I’ve seen a film before you have, I will tell you there’s a really good bit coming up!

I worry.

I live in an unorganised mess, with so many ‘to do’ lists. But somehow, I know exactly what I’m doing.

I’m a positive person in practice.

I’d love a house filled with art, peonies and a chalkboard painted wall.

I sound like Christina Aguilera when I sing. Erm…

If I see a denim shirt, I will probably buy it. Same goes for a hat, but I will probably never wear it.

Drama bores me. Just be nice.

I have a very eclectic taste in music and live music is the best.

I will pretty much always have coral/red nail varnish on. (Look to the right…see!)


Now tell me yours!


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